Install Office from Microsoft Office: First of all Microsoft Office Setup can be directly purchased from the official Office website or from any nearby store and is where you can setup your office product online hassle free.

The Microsoft Office has become an essential utility for every user and computer.

Why? To create official presentations, educational projects or personal data in a well-organized way, people around the world use different Office applications for multiple purposes.

If you’re not having the Microsoft Office installed on your computer, refer to the instructions mentioned on this page to access the application. To download and install Office setup 365 on your computer, one can also visit and download the software.

Why do we need Microsoft Office ? Read Below


Why You Need to Know the Microsoft Office Suite

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The Technical Support for office setup issues can be reached by visiting the official Microsoft Website at or contacting the support via email/chat or their toll free number.

Microsoft Office comes with various different Applications, which will be Discussed in the blog section of this website.



When you purchase a MICROSOFT OFFICE PRODUCT or Retail card, Microsoft Usually asks you to go to com/setup to download and register your product, but you can also visit to download your product.

If you’re having office setup issues, refer to the instructions that are written on this page for clean Installation of Microsoft Office.


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Below is the step by step guide for setting up/Installing office on Microsoft computers and is followed by the the step-by-step guide of installing office on Mac.


To have Microsoft Office on your computer, you need to purchase an office retail card or key from the nearest store,  or you can simply connect to official Microsoft website and buy it. After Purchasing the Key follow the following steps

Applications inside Install OFFICE SETUP


The Picture above shows the applications that come together in a office suite.

Sign in to your Microsoft account on From the home page, click on Install Office. As mentioned before, you can use either of the or to directly sign into your account. Start your Microsoft Office 365 setup using your product key. A file will be downloaded onto your computer and can be found under Downloads in your Finder. Double click on the Microsoft Office installer.pkg file to open an installation screen and begin the Microsoft Office setup. Click on Continue, and once again after receiving the license agreement. Select Agree on the terms of license agreement window and then Continue. At this point, you can select where you want to install the applications, and then click on Install. You may be asked to enter your login credentials for Mac, and then click on Install Software. Click on Close once the Office setup process is complete.


  1. Go to on Your Macbook.
  2. Sign In or create a Microsoft account. Microsoft Account can also be created with an existing email ID.
  3. Download the setup
  4. Once the download is complete, open the Finder, go to Downloads and double-click on Microsoft_Office.Pkg
  5. On the Installation screen, select Continue to begin the installation.
  6. Follow the Prompts
  7. Your Mac will ask for your computer password, Enter and Continue.
  8. The software begins to install. Click Close when the installation is finished.


In this Day n Age We cannot assume a life without MS office applications either we are working for a business or individual.

Whenever we start our PC’s or Macbook for personal or business work, firstly, we operate for the Microsoft office setup.

Everybody uses Word and Excel. MS Office setup is simply downloaded from the office com/setup.

There is the world inside the MS Office Application set, like in MS Word, there are many themes, font and many more, in MS Excel, uncountable calculation available, in PowerPoint, you can give a new look to your simple information.

There’s OFFICE 2016,OFFICE 2018,OFFICE 365 andOFFICE 2013.

Since Microsoft office 2007 Support ended we can provide you support to your 2007 Version of office.

As Microsoft Office is a suite of many applications, sometimes it is very simple to understand it, and users require no training and guideline to work with the office set up. visit for our blogs here

Setup Install and activate office with

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