Six signs that your office needs custom furniture

Have you ever noticed that office furniture tend to be quite consistent in design when you visit different offices throughout the city? Because the most common access solution is a large retail store with dozens of ready-to-use desks, chairs and tables, we found that there is not much variation in design from one place to another.

But what about your company? You are different? Why settle for “more of the same” if you can create custom furniture that suits your team’s needs? Here are six signs that you are ready to make the leap to the land of custom furniture.

1. Your team has unique needs

If you manage a team with more than five people, you will probably notice that each team member has unique needs. If you run an organization with more than one team, it is likely that each team has specific needs for its activities.

While vendors may prefer the smaller flexible desktops that are available as they come and go, customer service teams can favor convenience and privacy, and marketing teams may prefer environments in which they can easily communicate and work together. Customizing furniture to fit the unique needs of the people on your team is not only a way to show your employees that your comfort is important, but also allows greater productivity.

2. The brand is important

For some companies, the brand is everything. Google, for example, has built a solid reputation worldwide for having a quirky, world-class office with unique amenities.

Can you imagine a Coca-Cola corporate office that is not elegantly adorned with red, white and its iconic logo?

If you want to promote your brand identity in the market, it is important that you bring that brand home so your team can enjoy it and live it.

3. Your team is surpassing your space

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