: First announced by Bill Gates in August 1988, Microsoft Office incorporates a set of applications, services and servers. The first version of this popular office suite contained only MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and MS Word to create spreadsheets, presentations and documents.

Over the years, Microsoft has incorporated other interesting features such as OLE data integration, scripting languages ​​and more. is where you can download the ms office configuration

The initial version was only compatible with the Windows operating system, but then it improved its reach for both the Windows operating system and Mac OS. Today, the office suite includes MS Access, MS Outlook, MS OneNote, MS Publisher, MS Project, MS Visio and more, along with the applications already available. Downloading, installing and configuring MS Office is not a tedious job.

A user with basic Internet knowledge can easily install the set from the Microsoft website. Sometimes, you may encounter an error while performing any of these operations. Although there are a number of these errors, 1401, 1402 and 1406 have been at the top of the list.

Office installation error codes with your explanation

Before finding a solution to the most common installation errors, it is mandatory to know what these codes represent. Error 1401 occurs when the configuration can not create the registry key, error 1402 occurs if the configuration can not open the registry key, and the last error 1406 occurs when the Office installation can not write values ​​to the registry key .

What causes these errors?

You may encounter error 1406 if the Office installation files are not allowed to change or modify specific files on drive C. If you try to do so, it could also generate a number of other errors. The other reason could be inaccessible or damaged registry keys.

Resolution to Office installation errors

There are four different ways to solve these problematic problems that cause a halt in the installation of the Microsoft Office installation. You can choose any of the following:

Solution 1

For the entire group of registration subclasses, which are displayed in the error message, simply set the permission for Everyone to Full Control.

Solution 2

In the case of Error 1406, simply disable all third-party applications (such as antivirus or security software) and try to install the Office package again. Once the installation has been installed correctly, enable that third-party application.

Solution 3

Open the system in a “Clean Boot” state and then try to install the Office installation. This will automatically disable the third-party application that is causing the installation of the Office suite configuration to stop. These third-party applications do not allow the configuration to access the registry keys that initiate the installation.

Solution 4

In the case of Office 2007, Office 2003 and Office XP, license file may be damaged. This license file can not be removed simply by reinstalling the Office configuration. For this, you must delete the license file following the specific instructions of Easy Fix Solution. Once you fix these errors, you can start installing without problems. Go for it!

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