www.office.com/setup Blogs: Fortunately, every month the Office team compiles a list of all the updates issued in a month and publishes them as a record keeping process.

These are the updates that came to the Office and Office related services this month in detail:

Microsoft joins everyone

We are excited to announce that the new classroom experiences of Microsoft teams are now being extended to Office 365 for Education customers. For students, teams help create safe and engaging classroom environments with rich conversations that include text, video and voice, as well as personalized lesson, sticker and emoji themes. Educators can save time with class lists of students that are completed automatically from the school’s information system. You can also move effortlessly between lesson planning, content creation and feedback with the help of OneNote Class Notebooks, Assignments and Office applications integrated. Finally, teams provide a center for educators and staff to connect with each other outside of the classroom (for example, in professional learning communities), all from a single experience in Office 365 for Education.


Office 365 security updates

Windows Information Protection (WIP) support is expanding beyond Office mobile applications to Office desktops in Windows. WIP helps prevent accidental data leaks while allowing your employees to maintain control of their personal data. You can simply designate content created in these applications as “work” or “personal,” so that your IT department can protect or delete only business data. Learn more about Protecting Windows Information.


The Office team also announced some additional security and compliance updates that include enabling threat management and protecting sensitive information. The new update can be found in the Office Advance Protection service that offers recently improved reports through Safe Links policy settings.

Microsoft Forms reaches more users

Formerly available to education clients, Microsoft Forms is expanding for commercial customers, providing a lightweight web tool for creating surveys, contests and surveys. Help anyone in your organization easily gather customer feedback, measure employee satisfaction, organize team events and more.

Stream is now generally available

Microsoft Stream is generally available: Microsoft Stream is an intelligent video service for commercial customers to upload, share, manage and view videos easily and securely in a single experience. The transcription of voice to text, face detection, intelligent search and more make video consumption more efficient. IT can also adapt Microsoft Stream to adapt to the needs of your organization with management and security capabilities.

And the rest…
Even adding all the previous additions for users, the Office team managed to include some less prominent features in the Office 365 version of June.

Office 365 users can now share their work habits with coworkers using the addition of MyAnalytics statistics. Managers and staff can optimize meeting times, after correspondence hours by email and based on the knowledge gathered over time through shared MyAnalytics reports.


Finally, the recently launched Office Investigator tool received a little much needed love. Researcher can now be used beyond Word in the desktop application for PC. The researcher is now compatible with the Word for Mac application and OneNote for Windows 10. While it is not the total openness that some would like to see, the recent small steps in availability are promising.

As Microsoft continues to mold Office 365 into its own platform of self-sufficiency, its users on all platforms that appear to be the big winners.